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How it Works



Search the ever-expanding catalog of user reviews on interview sites around the country. Walk confidently into interviews knowing what to expect and prepared for some of the hardest questions asked in the past.




Track your interviews by logging your interview sites and experiences. Rate each site using our comprehensive quetionnaire and add detailed comments about how you felt on your interview day.




Combine both objective data and your gut feelings about sites to simulate your rank list. Custom preferences allow you to weight the importance of program, education, work life, and social life and run multiple simulations.

The only tool that lets students simulate a rank list

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Tools for Students and Administrators



Academius is the only tool that allows students to find residency locations, prepare for interviews, track interview experiences, and simulate a rank list. Glean pertinent insights from students who have been in your very shoes. Connect with students who have volunteered to be mentors.




Academius grants administrators crucial data during advisory meetings. Glean insights from the massive amount of anonymized data input by students - see which programs are friendly to your students, which programs your students tend to like, and track how your overall match results improve year after year.

"A much needed upgrade from excel sheets." -Daniel Riggins, MSIII

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Built by medical students for medical students

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About Us

We are a team of medical students working on this project like it's our full time job. We set out to create a platform that streamlines the match process and serve both students and administrators. Our first-hand experiences through medical school allow us to outfit Academius with student-centered tools, enhancing their experience and help them achieve the career of which they've long been dreaming.